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Bioxyne International

Bioxyne international is a Research & Development based company for the past 15 years under Bioxyne Ltd., a company listed in Australia (ASX Kod: BXN) which commenced business in 1998. Bioxyne International’s global headquarters is located in the world-renowned dairy research region of Waikato, New Zealand.

Bioxyne International is developing a range of functional foods and beauty products that contain ingredients sourced exclusively from New Zealand by our scientists. Bioxyne International provides new opportunity to connect with the fastest growing global consumer segment, which is focused on improving health, beauty and well-being.

At Bioxyne International you will gain financially while improving your health and the health of your friends and family. We have built our business based on many of these superior ingredients and raw materials from New Zealand.

Our vision is to make a positive and personalised impact on people’s health, while giving them the chance to create financial independence for themselves and their family.

"Our Mission is to bring Science to Wellbeing."

Bioxyne Ltd.

Bioxyne Ltd. is an Australian Listed Company (ASX Code:BXN) which commenced business in 1998. Bioxyne is a life sciences, health and beauty products company. Our consumer health products have been sold globally for over 15 years. Our products are developed in Australia and New Zealand using the finest natural ingredients and raw materials. 

Through a recent acquisition in New Zealand (April 2017), now Bioxyne Ltd. Is trading as Bioxyne International. Our channel to market is thru Direct Sales. This offers the best opportunity to explain our products and understand our customers’ needs. Bioxyne Ltd. is further developing a range of functional food and beauty products containing ingredients sourced exclusively from New Zealand, for our direct sales channel.

Bioxyne Ltd. is one of the few entities to own a clinically tested patented probiotic called Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003 (PCC®), developed in Australia. This probiotic is developed in Australia and has been tested clinically.

Bioxyne’s probiotic business and its proprietary patented product PCC®, is supported by a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Chr. Hansen (Denmark), a global leader in the manufacturing of natural food additives and supplements products for food, human health, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. 

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